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    be careful guy

    This was one of are service plumbers that worked as on site maint. He has several kids under eighteen loved to fish and bs R.I.P scott johnson you will be missed!!!!!
    Honeywell you can buy better but you cant pay more

    I told my wife when i die to sell my fishing stuff for what its worth not what i told her i paid for it

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    What a shame. I knew someone that went out to split firewood after a snowstorm. Poor guy just wanted to get a breather from his nagging wife and kids. Had a massive heart attack and died in the driveway. Sorry for your loss sir.

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    Is there something about cold weather and physical work that could be bad?

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    Don't know but I remember similar circumstances of guys dieing shoveling snow when I lived back east. A real shame for his family and his kids must be devistated.
    Not to hijack this thread but please please please, if you are over 40 go get a nuclear stress test and do one every 10 years.
    If you can't fix it with JB Weld, Duct Tape, and Ty Wire it has to be replaced.
    No good deed goes unpunished.
    If you want to take off friday to go fishing then make sure you train your helper right.

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