Hello. I am a long time lurker and finally decided to join. I have been in the HVAC industry for about 8 yrs. After completing tech school spent a short time (1-2 yrs) working for a small local company doing res. and light commercial service and some install depending on work load. Boss had health problems and was forced to shut down company, so I took a job with a consulting engineer designing commercial and industrial HVAC and plumbing systems. I couldn't stand sitting at a desk so after six months I was able to land a job at a large university and have been there ever since. I was an HVAC tech for 2 yrs working on large institutional sized equipment. Since then I have been on the controls end of things. We install most of our control systems in house from design to install to service, so I have a decent amount of experience working with a lot of different control systems. I also have some experience with pneumatics. I have lately started branching out into some of the programming and networking. I work 4-10's, so in my spare time I have a small side business and do some residential service and installation. There really seems to be a wealth of knowledge on this site, and I am hoping to share some of my knowledge and eventually work towards a professional membership. I look forward to talking to you.