My background - I am a maintenance mechanic in a large office building and have our hands on just about every mechanical thing in the building.
Although we do work on HVAC equipment and have changed compressors, pulled charges etc. I am in no way claiming to be an expert.

I am building an addtion on my house (I am doing all the work where the County Code will let me) and are at the stage of getting my mini split bought and installed.

I am hoping that I can get some advice on size of unit needed and pros and cons on manufacture.

24 X 24 with a vaulted ceiling with being 12' at top and sloping down to 8'.
The room has pretty much all windows on far wall, 2 large windows on one side and the third side having on window and a door to access the outside.
The 4th wall is where the addition meets up to the house.
The windows are Anderson 400 Series.
I also have two Velux skylights.

The room will be open constantly to my house with at least a 5' opening.

I have a wood stove installed and plan on using as my main source but in the days I don't want to deal with it....

It's 2x6 framing and 24" on center trusses.
Walls will be (I have insulation but can't remember R value - what ever matches 2X6), R 38 in ceiling and R 30 in floor/craw space.

Code is requiring that all penetrations and seaems are sealed.
So i would say a pretty tight room.

I live in Delaware.

The sun hits the house from the front in a.m., swings around to the side of the room with two windows and then as it's setting trees in the woods behind the house the sun will be shaded from hitting the addtion.

Looking at Mitsubishi, LG Daikin, Samsung.

Can anyone provide sizing that is needed and a recommendation on manufature?