They called it ADD when I was a kid... and they said I was ADD... fact was... I was just hyper... lots of kids are hyper... it is just part of being a kid.

In my case... some careful diet management more or less made it a 'non-issue'.

As an adult... I have the potential to get on an adrenaline high (work hard and feed the high with caffeine, sugar, fried foods, etc)... resulting in a crash when the body wears out. The solution is to simply recognize when I am getting on that 'roll'... and derail it. Simple as laying off a few stimulating foods and quitting work after 9-10 hours in one day. Example... I have a DWH to install for a friend (off season, I do some of these things)... It was 5:30 PM... I could have gone to his house and do it in the evening... or wait until tomorrow. Doing it this evening would set me up for over-adrenaline... waiting until tomorrow would maintain balance. Note I am 60 years old... balance is more important as the years pile up.

BALANCE is a choice... and IMO a WISE choice. Things that upset a balanced lifestyle... well keeping these things in moderation is also a choice.