Hello all,

Glad to join the board. I will be taking the Florida Class-B Air Conditioning exam coming up soon, and I can see how there are several books that are from the Florida Building Code (Building, Fuel, Mechanical) and the OSHA Code of Federal Regulations. There are also the texts which are HVAC focused like the Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning book, Manual D – Residential Duct Systems, Manual J – Residential Load Calculation, Pipefitters Handbook, Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standards.

I can also see that the number of questions on the exam are laid out like this:

HARV General 23
Air Conditioning 19
HARV Controls 13
Fuel Gas Systems 12
Ducts 12
Warm Air Heating 10
HARV Load Calculations 6
Safety 5

Because these exams seem to be more about how quickly you can access the correct reference book, I’m wondering whether these test questions are tricky in that they make you think an answer might be found in one book but is actually in another (i.e you’d think a question around safety would be found in the OSHA book, but in fact it is really somewhere in a specific section of the Florida Building Code, for example).

It looks like the majority of questions are in that “HARV General” category, which sounds like they could be questions about anything from any book/topic? Is that correct?

Also, do you guys think doing this $25 3-hour practice exam would be beneficial and help me see where I need to improve? ( http://www.palm-school.com/htm/ExamP...ditioningb.htm).
Any suggestions for another quick practice exam from another site?

I would appreciate any help you could provide for test prep.

Thanks You!