Ok - I have another Goodman (GMPN100-4 Rev A) that I am working on that I have some questions about.

I have come across a few condensing Goodman's this season that have what I see as significant flame rollout during start, but do not trip the rollout switch.

Question is, if it doesn't trip the switch, is it really considered rollout? Almost all other furnaces that I have worked on do not do this except Goodman.

A couple of readings - 7.2"IWG gas in - 3.6"IWC out
Exhaust vent is short and completely open.

Didn't have the combustion analyzer with me (shame on me) going back today to do a combustion check. Does anyone know the proper CO for this furnace? I can't seem to find it on any of the data.

After tearing it apart found inducer motor outlet and collector box showing signs of serious overheating - never seen that before (pictures attached)

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