I was recently bleeding the air out of my weil mclain pcg-4 boiler and realized that there is no pressure regulator on the supply line to the system. I know this sounds hard to believe but I think I know what it should look like and there for sure isn't one and the fill for the boiler is an automatic one which means it should have a regulator, shouldn't it? I know the automatic fill is working fine because when I bled the valves, I heard the fill valve open and saw the pressure drop for a second and go back up to 10psi. Has anyone ever heard of something like this or should I be worried? Is there a chance that the pressure regulator is somehow integrated into the circulator or something else? Everything appears to be working fine and the boiler was in the house when I bought it a few years ago so I thought nothing of it. If the boiler is working fine and doesn't appear to have one should I just leave it? My only other guess is that there is one somewhere else between the feed and boiler, outside of the boiler room but that would just be strange....any ideas about this would be appreciated.