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    Peh Mcquay Question

    Long time reader, first time asking question. Found a bad vane close switch today on a peh 063 r-12 chiller. Can this be changed without removing freon? Noticed no isolation valves but thought maybe the fittings had shrader ports in them. Any help?

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    Yes. Best to have someone experienced show you how. (no schrader valves)
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    Just make sure the switch is bad. I had this same problem on the same type of machine and found that the vanes were stuck open. Jumped out switch to check.....Machine started fully was NOT pretty!

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    How can I check to see if the vanes are closed without starting up?

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    install fittings on the 2 oil lines that the vane closure switch goes to and read the pressures. if they are the same then the vanes are not closed all the way. run the oil pump while checking.

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