Ingersoll Rand is growing it's rental business. Trane Rental Services rents equipment from centrifugals and IntelliPaks to Voyagers, RTAA's, RTAC's, CGAM's and Generators.

Trane rental Services has a depot in Shorewood, IL where they store the equipment and service it. They want to hire an in-house technician to repair and maintain the HVAC equipment. The generators are maintained by a diesel/generator tech, but you might have spare time to help out on that equipment too.

The facility is going to be first class, with an indoor test stand where you will actually be able to run the chillers and have a load on them with 40,000 gallons of heated water storage. Also there is another building that will be set up for condenser coil cleaning with a heated pressure washer and floor drains.

Company truck will be supplied with tools.

You'll probably have to run the occasional service call on the rental equipment rented in the area. And you might have to do install/start up of the rented equipment, but that is probably rare as the customer's mechanical contractor is usually the one renting the equipment and usually installs it.

I have been told verbally that pay is equal to or better than Local 597 scale, but this is not a union job. And this is of course based on experience. Your mileage may vary.

Here's the deal. I work for Trane Service. Trane Rental has been using Trane Service to maintain the equipment. But they want to hire a full time tech. I was offered this position, (as well as a few other techs with Trane Service) but I just made a major move in my career, and I don't think the timing is right for me. So I declined the offer. They have had a posting on the IR website for a few months now, but nobody qualified has applied. I told the manager that I would put out some feelers and see if anyone is interested.

All my buddies are happy where they are, so I'm posting this here. If you are interested shoot me a PM and I will give you the contact information. Or you could go on the IR website and using the info I've already supplied in this post, find the job posting and apply on-line. But you'll probably want to talk to the Trane Rental Services manager first to get a better picture of what the job is.

Remember, experienced technician with lots and lots of Trane experience is required because all the equipment is Trane, including centrifugals. Also you should be experienced in TechView/KestralView and TU software with understanding of CH530 controls.