Hi First post here.

I know very little about AC's I am a computer programmer by nature and I have wanted to do a project for a while and thought I would ask a question.

Is it possible to create / build an AC unit the size of a Coke can, a micro AC? That might sound crazy and useless but I was getting to build my own humidor for cigars as a hobby. I enjoy cigars and my current humidor gets hot in the summers and can ruin cigars if to hot.

I can use a heating pad to keep it 70 degrees in the winter time but there is no Micro AC options to cool something that is only 1'.5"w x 1'D x 1'H that I have seen.

There is no demand for something like this which is why I have never seen anything like it. But my question is it physically possible to have an AC unit that small? From what I understand the refrigerant is compressed, turns to liquid, and cools. It then runs through the coils which the fans blow through to cool air. The refrigerant in liquid form is pushed through a small hole which the expands the liquid to a gas form again and the cycle continues.

Sorry if this is a silly question. I was just wondering if parts an manufactured that small if it would work, or if AC units must be a certain size to function.