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    Once again correct. All of the components on board are designed to self cool (ceramic resistors ect.). The underside of the board, where all the contacts are very close together and condensation drops are most likely to occur, has very little to do with heat release. I am thinking ( very dangerous for me) that I might be able to coat it with something to protect from all of the corrosion. Any ideas?

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    I have never coated a board and I agree it could insulate. I believe CRC softseal will do that. I have never used it in that application. Was the old board showing any signs of moisture issues. It could have just taken a random dump. I will attach a picture of a board in aluminum ore in a reznor. It was baried alive and working fine. Sometimes they take abuse sometimes they don't. A lot of times they take a dump for who knows why.
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    I will pull board out tonight. From outside it appears fine with no damage. Thanks for your input.

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    Looks like a component that got a little warm Name:  GetAttachment[1].jpg
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    I installed one in a greenhouse but I used the closed-combustion model.
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    Just to bring you all up to date on my voyage. I contacted the company where I got the heater and they said the warranty covered the board. I have a new one on the way. Thanks for all of the input.

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    The end of the story. Got the new board and put it in last night. Working great. Temp outside is 48 and inside 64. Thanks to all the pictures I took with my IPad I was able to get all the wires to the correct terminals. Thanks again for all of your support. Have a great day. Curt

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