I have a new ( 3 mos old) heater installed in a greenhouse. It was working fine until two weeks ago when the PE motor would start and then go off after failing to light the burners. I turned off the power and then reset CB. I cylcled it five times and then it started working fine. Last Wed. if failed to even come on. PE moter would not even run. I checked the ignition board and the 3 amp fuse was good. The LED was steady green and the flame LED was orange. The code said it was normal asking for heat request. I replaced the thermostat and nothing changed. I checked the transformer and it is putting out 24 vac. I checked the thermostat out put terminal on the control board and it was 24vac and input was zero , turned the thermostat above room temp, heard it click, and rechecked and input was 24 vac. Still no PE motor action. Checked the voltage to the PE motor and it was zero. Checked the ohms on the motor and meter read indicated closed curcuit. Any more ideas? I am suspecting a bad ignition control board, but would like to check anything else before spending the money.