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    Give graduates a chance!

    Check this thread;

    I've seen a lot of these,and seldom does anyone give them a chance.

    Why not??

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    Because the majority of trade schools only teach you how to pass an exam,.. NOT actual technical skills. The on the job mentoring and training is non existent because companies only see cost figures on spreadsheets instead of the whole picture for their business.

    One of my biggest pet peeves from a heating company perspective is that out industry has no real Apprentice, Journeyman, Master licensing.

    Dying are the days of the craftsman and tradesman learning the trade in a family business. We did this to ourselves by generations saying "You wont have to work your fingers to the bone like me son, I'm sending you to college"

    A great book referance on the topic would be "We've got it Made in America" by John Ratzenburger

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    Welcome to the game...The first mistake is, this went from a trade to....... BOTTOM LINE...... for the owners, how much can you sell???
    Refrigeration...Finding the Wright Wrench to pound in the correct..Screw

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    have 2 from local trade school and 2 from off the street, all 4 kids doing well,
    have had 1 for 4 yrs, he runs his own pipe jobs, new intall or supermarket renos

    there are no good mechanics out there that are not working, if u want one, u have to train him

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    please people , listen to Shaun66

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    Dash, thanks for speaking up for me.
    "From those who contribute the most to those who contribute the least" Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand.

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