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    I hope I'm finally at the place to ask my question...if not, somebody set me straight.

    Here it is: I've got a 10 year old Amana 4ton HVAC....and even when its turned OFF ...the fan comes on and runs with no apparent purpose. I have noticed it happens most when its raining.
    Driving me up the wall and local techs don't know the answer.


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    Is the fan switch on tstat in the on position? If not its either a bad board, tstat, relay, shorted wire, etc. you will need to find a contractor to fix the issue

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    check t stat or blower relay

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    I put in a 2-ton cdu a few weeks ago, existing A/H, used to run on 22. Recovered 22, nitro'd lines, installed cdu, filled it with isceon mo99. Overcharged the HELL out of it because it's so new to me. Actually called DuPont I believe it was to ask for pressures...All my PT charts are old...So they say its same psi as 22, supposedly, and sure enough it's done and running.

    Idiot counter guy at supply house said you can just dump mo99 on top of 22. My fault...I KNEW you couldn't or they would be the SAME...I listened to a counter salesman...DOH

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