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    Wiring Carrier Infinity A/C to Carrier Non-Inifinity Furnace

    My home has a Carrier (non-Infinity) 58UVB furnace with a (Infinity) 24ANB6 air conditioner. I understand that this may not be ideal, but i'm trying to make the most of it.

    I recently installed an EDGE thermostat and an OAT sensor to control the furnace. It is configured to handle the 2 heating stages. This all works great.

    It's going to get warm some day, so now I want to reconnect my A/C control wiring to the furnace control. Right now I have the EDGE thermostat wired to control the two A/C stages, just like it controls the 2 heating stages, and I've removed the ACRDJ jumper on the furnace control.

    But, now, looking over things, it appears this won't work, as I don't see how I can control the two cooling stages on my infinity A/C unit, without having an Infinity furnace controller that I can use to connect the magical "ABCD" wiring harness. That sort of annoys me, as I'd think that somehow Carrier would allow me to control my nice Infinity A/C with my $$$ EDGE thermostat. Do they, and I'm just not seeing how?

    I am assuming that I'll have to revert to a 3-wire connection between my Infinity A/C and furnace controller, and disable A/C stage control from my EDGE thermostat (replacing the ACRDJ jumper on the furnace control). I would also assume this renders my OAT sensor useless for air conditioning.

    Can anyone confirm my suspicions? Or, hopefully, suggest that I have a better option? If I'm really not losing anything from the 3 wire setup anyway, that would also be comforting knowledge.

    Thanks everyone!


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    Is that a 2 stage outdoor unit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by comfortdoc View Post
    Is that a 2 stage outdoor unit?
    Well, now I feel sort of silly. I had thought all infinity models were 2 stage. I even found literature on line that said so. But now looking at the Carrier model specifics for this unit, it seems it is the only Infinity model that is single stage.

    Which I believe makes my question moot. I'll just use the 3-wire hookup and be done with it - sorry!

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