I witnessed first hand yesterday how certain brands and/or this industry can get such a bad reputation. It makes this site so valuable because it gives a place for us "standard guys" to get some knowledge so we can keep from getting screwed.
My neighbor had a new HP installed a year gao, and it has been nothing but a disaster, and they are blaming the brand. The new HP was a size bigger, and coupled to the 25 year old indoor coil. The compressor failed. New compressor and hard start kit was put in. Still didn't work. Then a new air handler was put it, because it was determined there was not enough air flow. Still problems. Then a new matched coil was installed. Then a new T-stat. Then another call-back because the T-stat needed to be wired differently. Still not right, my guess is because there is still not enough air flow because the ducting to me looks really small, but I don't know. Probably all could have been avoided if the correct sized HP with matching coil and air handler had been installed in the first place. They just got back from vacation yesterday, and I had to tell him that while he was gone when we had some days in the upper 40's the HP was not running, and the t-stat was showing "emergency heat". So, it broke again.