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    work it and save the money while your young and your body can handle it. buy your house and pay cash. you will have a huge head start on life. when your older and busted up then you can cruise the 40 hr week. your x box will still be there when you slow down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by martyinlincoln View Post
    . Paying 40 hours a week overtime for each employee can't be good for the bottom line.
    Why do you say that?

    Is the company not charging out overtime rates?

    If I charge overtime, the company charges overtime, we both get more from the customer?no?

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    80 hours is a little too much. 60 I would do. we all need a break. this trade is physically and mentally demanding. you don't want to work on explosive gasses and high voltage when you're drowsy. I' ve pulled a couple 15 hours days last summer, and that's enough. I don't mind working a lot, but those days are tiring. but to limit yourself to strictly 40 hours days, find a job with the school board or hospital or somewhere that you're on one location.

    more importantly, be thankful. there are ppl that would take your hours in a heart beat. there are ppl that's almost laid off as it is a slow time.
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    To the OP,
    Good to hear you're enjoying the trade, you obviously have a love and enthusiasm for it.
    80 hrs a week is a lot, that's 5 16 hour days (paid) or 6 13 n bit hours which honestly isn't too hard on the younger guys.
    It really depends what your doing though, 16hrs straight on a tandem compressor changeout, humping all equipment and parts up n down ladders and rooftops and I'm ready for a nap.
    80 hrs consistently is a little unusual for a/c on its own. Do you work in refrigeration aswell?

    Anyways, enjoy the hours and soak up all the experience, there will be times when work is not so plentiful.

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    I like 30- 60 hours a week. 30 pays the bills.60 gets me new tools and nice stuff.

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    Just remember, "lunch is for wimps".

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    Quote Originally Posted by artman934 View Post
    Just remember, "lunch is for wimps".

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    I agree with many of the posts in this thread- stay where you are, bank the bucks, and get all the experience that you can. Be thankful that you're working as many hours as you are. Where I am employed, some guys are being sent home with 13 hours for a whole week- senior guys! Other companies in our area are doing the same thing.
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