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    Question Large Cooling Tower Fan Information

    Howdy everyone,

    I am searching for mechanical information about large cooling tower fans.

    I have found reference to fans up to 10 feet in diameter. Is this the upper limit or do they go even larger?

    What is the fan motor horsepower rating and load on the largest towers?

    Which fan manufacturers have the best reputation for high quality?

    Any links to performance curves and sound decibel measurement greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

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    Factory Start up , lose ( factory ) wire on bypass circuit. Tower is BRAND NEW. See what I'm getting at ?

    I ended up having to change the motor because the highly skilled factory technician failed to notice a loose wire in the VFD panel. This is a 40 hp motor at 565 pounds. This fan is every bit of 16 ft and is 1 of 2 cells. Note to self , check connections before power - up. In fairness to myself the damage was done before I arrived on site.

    Large towers are neither glamorous or exciting to work on is my point. It is total misery and frustration on many people .
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    Pretty cool gig right ....

    If the installing contractor did not check the connections in the FACTORY wired panel they have to eat the labor in changing the motor. And if no cause is found , the installing contractor has to eat the labor for the motor change.

    In the end , you get to see some slick looking dude tell you that you have a monumental task in front of you because he did NOT do his job. BAC , for sure.

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    tech45 --

    I appreciate the info. 16 foot diameter is huge!

    Any chance you recall the manufacturer's name for that fan assembly?


    -- tholly

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    I do start ups on the equipment we sell and at one point when I first started with this company one of the tasks on the startup paperwork is tightened all electrical connections. I would check off the box and spot check some connections until I got burned ( figuratively ) by some wires burning back and contactor failures due to loose connections. After the warrantee service call came in and I realized it was my fault on more than one occasion I now spend the first day tightening all electrical connections. Many are very loose and may take two or three turns to get tight but I learned that even though it is a pain in the --- it must be done. Factory will not warrantee things that burned up due to loose connections or fans that slipped on shafts and caused damage.
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