Okay well I took the 2 year HVAC/R class in high school, and competed at Skills USA. I won first in the state of Mississippi and received a scholarship. I competed at National competition and got 19 out of 30(on the high school level). I think that was pretty decent considering I had little field experience then. Now, I have been working at a Air-Conditioning company in my area for about 7 months. I have done installs, ductwork, service calls, the whole nine yards. I also do A/C work on the side for my family's appliance business. My brazing skills are pretty good as well. Everyone at work brags on me and expects a lot from me. I have competition again for state on the 26th of this month. I am not nervous, but I just need some advice. Is the national competition going to be any different then 3 years ago? And what can I do to be #1? I have goals to win National competition and going to world competition to win that as well. Also, I have more experience and knowledge then everyone in the HVAC/R classes at my school which is between 60 and 75 people. Out of 4 classes, 1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd semester, and 4th semester. I was raised in a family business so I know how to respect customers and do the job they paid for in a professional manner. I have always been a hard worker. Any ideas/advice? Anything would be great. Thank you for reading.

P.S.- I have already received a job offer through a union working for Johnson Controls, but I have to check my options first after I win some more gold metals.