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    Trouble with desertspring furnace humidifier

    what I have:
    • Desert spring rotary drum humidifier
    • 1700sq/f + basement home
    • Trane Xv95 furnace

    i had my humidifier installed on my furnace at the begining of january as the humidity in the house was VERY low 10-15% relative humidity
    Its been two months and so far the humidifier has only been able to raise the humidity to 25-30% humidity.

    I have double checked these reading with a second hygrometer and they were pretty close so i think my reading ar accurate.

    I went to the desertspring website and in there troubleshooting section they give you steps on measuring the rate of evaporation... so with my humidifier I am evaporating 10 gallons of water per day and according to there website that number should be closer to 15 gallons.

    What can i do to raise my humidity ?

    The heat fanspeed on the XV95 was set to medium low and I think this is a 3.5 ton unit so thats 900/1250 cfm, would setting the fan speed to high improve my humidity ?

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    forgot to mention I live up in Ottawa, Canada and we moved into this house 4 months ago

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