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    Frown Missing tags on a fireplace

    Called to a customer's house to convert a new range from Natural gas to LP. Do the conversion, and during the course of the call, they asked me what other talents I have,,,told em I did servicce work on gas appliances and HVAC systems.
    The guy took me over to a single wide mobile home on the property that they use as a guest house, and showed me a coleman electric furnace. Said he had called another company to have it repaired, and the tech told him that all of the elements were "burned out," and that he needed a new furnace. I quickly ohmed out the elements, and tried starting up the furnace. Sequencers put power to elements, but blower motor hummed. Tried manually turning blower motor and found bearings very dry and stiff. Pulled blower assy. and dismantled, oiled motor, re-assembled and started up the furnace. Homeowner then told me about his gas fireplace back over in the main house that the same tech worked on, and said the guy installed a new pilot burner assy. in it and then told him that he needed an oxygen sensor. I'm not comfortable with vent free heaters, but thought I would take a look at it. First thing I discovered was that all of the tags had been removed from the unit, and the h/o told me the tech had taken them with him. Numerous calls to the tech, requesting the tags back had been unsuccessful. Because I know the company and it's owner, I offered to call them and see if I could get the tags back from the tech. After calling the company daily for 5 days, the tech, callled me back and admitted that he had the tags in his truck. As he lives in the same small town as me, I asked him to drop them off at a locksmith shop in a small strip mall biz adjoining a laundramat. Warned the people at the shop that a guy would be dropping them off for me. Three days later, the owner of the company called me and asked if I had received the tags. I told him I hadn't seen them but would stop at the shop and see if they were there. No, they hadn't been left there. Called the tech, and he told me that he just dropped them at the unattended laundramat and left them laying on a table there. Of course I got a tiny bit upset by this stupidity and suggested he was mentally unstable,,,,,So I asked him if he had any information on the fireplace, as I knew the tags were gone forever. He gave me some numbers and told me that the fireplace was a Lennox. Contacted Lennox tech support, and they have no model and serial numbers matching the ones that the tech gave me. If I were to post the numbers on here, do any of you guys think you may recognise the numbers?
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    You might end up chasing your tail on this one. Good luck my friend.

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