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Thread: Dam Hoover

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    Dam Hoover Herbert Hoover was a no-nonsense , get things done, rich man.
    ...almost single-handily provided relief for areas that were damaged by the Mississippi river.
    he's a conservative that wins by a landslide.
    he sends food to 9 million people in Europe, then starts talking about how he's going to end poverty in the U.S.

    so what do you do if you're a left-wing Communist conspirator in the U.S?
    you sit there an allow a conservative to turn the U.S. into a Utopia? NO!
    you call your buddies in the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and have them sink the economy.

    the Federal Reserve illegally passed in 1913 which they said would "forever stabilize the economy"
    26 years later we're in the largest depression the world ever saw, gee, i wonder what the culprit was?
    they talked everyone into dumping their hard earned money in the banks and in stocks, guys like Groucho Marx running in to drop every penny he made in the market.
    then one day they tell everyone the money is gone.

    now that you have no money, no property, and no jobs, are you willing to turn your back on Constitutional rights?
    here's FDR to take what ever gold you own.

    so Hoover tries to start government projects to boost the economy, the Democrats block everything he tries to do, then bundle his ideas to the New Deal package.

    it's a tragedy what they did to Hoover.

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    Yes, he sucked this country dry and when he finally did come up with an idea that might work... the RFC.... it was simply too late....for Hoover that is.

    Americans worst president..... Im sure even the most rabid Carter hater would agree...

    Herbert Hoover..... the original Jimmy Carter.... or something like that...

    Big fat failure...... he should have been tarred and feathered and then hung.... Hoover that is...

    Cant say nothing like about Carter....he is still living.....and of course.... he didnt dig quite as big a hole as hoover.
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

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    We are probably still suffering today from Hoovers ineptitude....

    It works like that dont it.... just go back decades and blame someone instead of the guy at the helm when the SHTF....
    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

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    Yeah, but the Hoover Dam is nice though.

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