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    Quote Originally Posted by hvac wiz 79 View Post
    Maybe. But I know what I know and that is something your statistic doesn't show.

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    If I could I would trade my NATE's for RSES certs anytime. I do resi work and this is what employers look for. You need an 80 to pass RSES I believe and a 70 for NATE if I'm not mistaken also. I plan on taking a RSES cert test sometime in the future for my own benefit. I think it is a shame what you experienced I think it would be hard to find that today though. I also know some of the tests are harder today than what they were then, in particular the gas heat imo. I know of a guy who shouldn't be allowed near a heatpump who is certified. He went to a school that basically taught the test it seems. I also know a guy who is the top heatpump tech in my company who can't pass the heatpump test. And he is a good tech lol.
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    I know quite a few guys that shouldn't be allowed on the roof lol. Guys with literally no clue or much less than half a clue. Sad thing too

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    Has the nate certification been superceded by the new Darrel certification course.
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