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    New to HVAC world

    Hi everyone I'm David and I've been a pressman for 14 years and got laid off August of last year so I'm in for new trade. I'm going to charter college in pasco WA and its a really good school. I have just started messing with hvac units. I got my universal last week from hvac excellents. I'm excited about getting into hvac. Any info on it would be much appreciated.

    Ttyl David

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    In a boiler room
    Welcome here!

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    As a fellow "other industry" tech reschooled in HVAC, The info that I have to offer is this: You don't know anything.

    I'm almost 2 months in, after a good school, and I STILL don't know anything. I'm learning, though. ;-)

    Read, Read, Read, and learn learn learn. That's my plan, and I hope that it will result in my being a counted on Tech within a year or so.

    Welcome to the field!


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    Yes welcome.....35 years in trade still learning
    it was working.... played with it.... now its broke.... whats the going hourly rate for HVAC repair

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    Oh yea that's for sure:-) That's what I think is cool. I love to learn and I'm so into it that some night I dream of the stuff. I just took electrical and I thought I knew stuff before but dame it just blew my mind:-)

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    Read every post on this site. Must turn Pro. And appreciate that your knew trade can never be outsourced. You cant mail/ cold/heat air
    Customer is alWays opposite of Left

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