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We live at the Lake of the Ozarks and I drive to Fort Leonard Wood. Columbia is out of control, I don't even like my wife going up there without me. I'm certainly glad I don't live in STL too...
Good for you, man! I freaking love the Ozarks. Even used to go down to 4 Seasons for a Valentine's weekend package...dinner at HK's; in the dead of winter when nobody's around. LaFatta's deli just down the way.

Then we got hooked up with a place at Indian Hills lake in Cuba, Mo. and haven't been to the Ozarks in some years. I've loved everything about the lake lifestyle since I was a small boy up outside of Brighton/Howell Michigan.

Columbia was gettin' really bad when my daughter was there some years back...a lot different from when my brother attended Mizzou back in the day. Definately have to be careful in certain parts of St. Louis, and we service all zip codes...though some not after dark.