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    Revent oven temp

    what's up you all!! any inputs I can get will help. how do I calibrate the temperature on a comercial Revent oven rack? the temp is jumping by 20 degrees, the thermostat seems to be sealed all my exhaust lines are cleaned and Vac motor all is good. any ideas i can get, thanks for the help

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    Dont know what a rent oven is but on a residential oven a +- 25* temp swing is normal

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    I haven't worked on but a few Revents. I'm more familiar with older Baker's Aid rack ovens. Is the temp control electronic? Usually electronic controls require no calibration or, at most, setting an "offset" in the programming.

    If it's a gas oven (most are), is the burner working properly? Proper gas pressure? Any intermittent issues in proving flame? Is there any buildup of debris around the heat exchanger?

    You might try calling their tech support. Their number is 800-822-9642.

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    What model? Does it have a combistat or digital controls? I'm not sure what you mean by "it's jumping 20 degrees". All rack ovens ( actually all ovens) will have a temperature swing. What matters is when the burner comes on and goes off. On IOC, IAC and GIAC controls it should call for heat about 5 degrees below set point. It then goes through a 30 second purge then lights the burner. The burner should shut down 1 or 2 degrees over set point. If you are watching the actual temperature during this time you will see a good temp swing. If this is the case my suggestion is dont watch it. Lol that is normal. Worry more about the average temp.
    The Revent will recover faster then most ovens.
    If it has a Combistat then the variation will be different. They haven't been used in over ten years.

    If the oven is over five years old make sure it gets an annual OSHA required combustion analysis and heat exchanger check.

    We have been Authurized service agents for Revent for 14 years. If you need parts we can beat most prices.

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