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Ahh, back to the ole Bushwacking routine. I'm not going to defend Bush as he did allot of crap I did not like. All I can say to that is his vacations were on his ranch, not like Obamas extravaganzas to Hawaii and overseas.

Out of all the above I can't recall any of them preaching to everyone like this 'follow from behind"er.

Regardless....a two wrongs don't make a right argument seems applicable. The Presidency is not a Royalty position, stupid Americans keep allowing it continue and escalate.

Amen brother...All the media could do is piss and moan that Bush was clearing brush all the time. They seem to have no problem with celeb parties, and things like using 2 planes to fly this family around when 1 would do. WE better sacrifice and have skin in the game, but don't ask His Royal Highnass to do the same.
If this guy could stop acting like a drunken teenager, spending money he doesn't have, maybe he could get this economy working again. Maybe then people would take him seriously, until then, he's nothing but a bad joke. And Obama lovers' kids are gonna wonder why you were so ignorant as to let this tool pee away your country.