i applied for a job and had to go through a company called HireRight.
I requested a copy of all info.
I noticed someone else's name on my record which i couldn't make any sense out of.

i hired a background clerk to look into it.
it looks like one of our unrequested inhabitants from south of the border used my Social Security number when he was arrested.
a fingerprint scan was proof this is a different person.

the record shows a different name and a different birth date.

it looks like it's been on my record since 2006.
how much effect this has had on my employment is unknown.

The Justice Department filed a complaint on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission alleging that HireRight violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act by failing to verify the accuracy of the background checks, give consumers copies of the background checks or investigate disputes regarding incorrect information appearing on the background checks. More specifically, one of the practices the FTC alleged that the HireRight did was including expunged criminal offenses on background checks or reporting the same offense multiple times on the report. This caused some consumers’ criminal history to look more extensive than it actually was. As a result, many consumers were denied employment or benefits due to the inaccurate information. In this economy it is difficult to secure employment and having incorrect information appear on the background check makes it that much more difficult.