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    VisionPro IAQ Discharge Air Temperature Sensor

    I'm looking to monitor the supply air temperature of my ICP (Comfortmaker) 60K modulating using a Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (C7735A1000) wired to my VisionPro IAQ. I had tRise measured when the furnace was installed, and it was around 57F in low fire (range is between 35 - 65). When in high fire it goes slightly above 65 (fortunately it almost never goes to high). This is most likely due to undersized ductwork, so I had the contractor add a duct run and a new return in the basement. That dropped it ~3F, so not quite enough. I plan on adding some more ductwork and hope to bring it between 55 to 60, but would like to keep a close eye on it in the mean time (hence the Discharge Sensor). I also installed a new 5" media filter, and want to determine how long before I need to replace it (spec says lasts up to one year)

    Interested to find out what pros here think about installing the sensor for JUST this purpose. Is it worth the cost and effort and commonly done with an IAQ, or am I out to lunch?

    Thanks in advance,

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