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    New Type Trane Econo. Mod. Settings.

    I have a Trane RTU Mod. TCD420AE0R2A7FE5AB0D0F0HJ000000 Ser. C05E04734 The Economizer Module Number is MOD02067, it has a RTRM Setting on it that the old Module doesn't have. I figured out it uses the bottom setting as the RTRM is a V 5.1 2005 HO. I do not know whether to set the Pot in the 500 or 1500/2000 direction??? Thanks

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    Good question MH! I installed one the other day but it came with no info?? If anyone has a cut sheet on this moder please attach it for us?
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    I installed the control the end of January, we had a weird January, needed mechanical cooling during the day and was to cold at night to run it. I got instructions from Trane on it, but it didn't tell me what the Ohm setting should be. I don't remember what I set it at, seems like the Ohm setting was related to the timing response, and I set it to slow the control down, so the damper wouldn't get a work out.

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