I am kind of pissed off at testos service department. I had to send in my 7month old testo 550 manifold because the high side knob started leaking refrigerant. The website says you can expect to receive a quote in two to three days after they receive it. It has been 6 days since business days since they received it and I still have not gotten a quote. I called Tuesday to check on it and was told that they haven't worked on it yet and to check back Thursday. I called today and got a voicemail that says they will be out of the office until feb.19 and DO NOT leave a message. I am a very impatient person and know others do not share the same sense of urgency which is fine. I do however have high expectations of any customer service. Givin that they are a company that makes products for professionals, you would think they would be a little more on the ball.