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    York Chiller VSD 503 "Motor Controller Loss of Current"

    The entire power assembly was replaced on this chiller VSD as well as the vyper logic board. The run light on the vyper board shows up but no lights on the individual driver boards. Its like its commanded to run but not running, eventually the drive trips out of loss of current because it's obviously pulling no current.

    Anybody have any suggestions?


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    why was it replaced? sounds like a wiring issue to me....from here....on Mars....i mean, uh, Earth...yeah, Earth.
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    Why - and by whom - was it replaced? You're not giving much info to try and formulate an answer from, but I'll tell you what jumps out at me - a vyper drive only has one driver board on one output pole. You indicate that you have multiple gate drivers. You might want to start looking there.

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    The Compressor Motor current decreased to 10% Full
    Load Amps (FLA) for 25 continuous seconds while the
    chiller was running. This could be caused by the starter
    de-energizing during run or a defect in the motor current
    feedback circuitry to the Control Center. The chiller
    will automatically restart at the completion of “System
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