We are in the process of converting an old oil boiler to a natural gas system in a relatively small 1500sqft cape style house. We are trying to decide whether to keep our hot water radiators, or switch to forced air. We already have a central air conditioner, so it would be cheaper to use air by just adding a furnace to the air system. However, I have heard from many that radiators are the "best" heat source.

We are looking for a 90-95% high efficiency system either way, and the option for forced air is a modulating btu/fan speed system with a direct intake from outdoors. The technician who quotes us explained that the common criticism of forced air being dry and drafty would be mitigated by having a system like this. He also explained that potential problems with water circulation would not be a concern with forced air.

I grew up with a forced air system (granted this was 15 years ago and not a high-tech system like this), and it is indeed dry and dusty. Can anyone recommend whether we should stick to hot water or switch to forced air? Thanks!