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    Why do we only see residential RTU in Arizona ? In the East coast i've never seen one ....

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    between here and over there
    newb question.. where is the return?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapperhead View Post
    Thats pretty good stuff right there.

    Whatcha wanna bet a tech owned that house , had a old ODU laying around and made it work

    Friggin ingenious idea , and did a neat n tidy job

    That's what I was thinking. If I have parts laying around to keep my own stuff running, I'll squeeze another month out of it. I replaced the split system on my house last year. I knew it was getting ready to go for some time. I got at least the last year out of it with a series of mismatched fan motors, and a really original cowl sorta thig to compensate for the different sized fan. I would never do that on anyone else's property, but with a bunch of half-burnt motors lying around, and no one else's money involved, why not?
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