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    Honeywell Excel 5000 System / ACSELON Software - What to do?

    Hello HVAC Pros,

    Thanks for having this forum available. I work for a public library and we're trying to replace the PC that is acting as our ACSELON server. We'd like to know what our options are in terms of software. I've seen several packages that seem to work with the LonWorks protocol, which seems to be what's in use here. But I don't know anything about any of these systems. It seems that ACSELON is not made anymore. From searching around Honeywell's site, it seems that their SymmetrE software is the closest thing to a direct successor to ACSELON (is that correct?). Ideally, I'd like something that will run well on a more recent operating system. I know that we'll probably have to bring someone in to work on this, but I would really appreciate some help understanding what our options are and what questions to ask.

    Some of the equipment involved:

    I traced the wire from the computer and it seems to be connected to a Excel 10 controller attached to a duct. The main controls, in the boiler room, are four Excel 500 control systems with various modules in each. The computer module is in the first unit and is a XC5010C.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance! I'll watch for any questions if you need more information.


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    Hi again,

    Did I post this in the right place, or would it get better exposure in the Controls forum?


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    Thread relocated to Controls

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    Thanks for the relocation. Does anyone here in controls have even some basic guidance? Or a link to an article that breaks this down? My Google searches in this area have returned mostly sales-speak and spec sheets that aren't useful to me without a basic understanding of what we're looking for.

    I appreciate any assistance.


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