I am a tech that works on residential appliances and on occasion will take on commercial equipment for friends or nuns that call me with a problem. (seems I'm the only one that will help out a nun around here or the only one they call either way EXTREMELY Ironic). I picked up an ice machine that was flooded in the last hurricane we had down here and am either looking to use it at the house or sell it once I get it working.

Does anyone have any experiences with having control boards repaired? I'm in search of a control for a Manitowoc QYO454A and they are expensive as as giraffe nu*s are high. The unit is about 10 years old and is in good shape other than the harvest cycle initiates right after the time out ends. Disconnecting the water probe does nothing.

I've found a site that claims that they can repair them but I'm leery to send the board to them and they say it can't be repaired and lose my shot of getting it fixed in the process. Anyone have a solution, workaround, or advise on this? I'm having a hard time thinking of trashing the machine because of a control board when the sealed system is in working order. It will work make ice on it's first cycle, then errors on the next.