Greeting from Las Cruces, New Mexico. well it took me a while to end up in the hvac field I started off taking electronics classes and got tired of all the math and crap. So then I was like well ill try law enforcement and well that ended up like my previous major except some of the laws are bull so that didn't work out either. One day I was looking through a college catalog and saw HVAC sounded interesting and having kind of been around it my father is a tinner so he does ductwork and some other amazing stuff I wish I could have learned but never bothered to pay attention now I am kicking myself for it lol!!!!. so anyway I enrolled and went through the program and loved it. had very good instructor who was a teacher and ran his own business so he knew his stuff pounded the refrigeration cycle into our heads everyday but it was well worth it. I am now becoming service manager have 4 years under my belt I don't know everything but the boss has faith in me that I can run the service department and that makes me want to work even harder.