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Of course, geer blew right past the point that I was trying to make to blame more shootings on Bush. A convenient target, but it doesn't move the discussion forward at all.

None of these discussions for or against gun bans really make any progress.

You've got one side who wants to take freedom away from good americans in the name of saving a few lives with no regard to the cost of doing so, and another side who is tired of being made the "fall guy" for a vanishingly small group of people who cannot be trusted with freedom.

Let's me say that guns are not the problem. Access to guns is not the problem.

People that wish to do harm to others ARE the problem.

Unless and until we, as a society, are prepared to do some difficult things and figure out why we have a class of people who wish to do harm to do other people, we will ALWAYS have that class of people.
well said, unfortunately the left wing-nuts will still want to take guns away from the law abiding citizens. we are the ONLY group they can try to control. They can't control the criminals, so they come for us.