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    A little off topic, since it seems you are well into the Johnson products...can anybody answer this, I just downloaded a new FX-PCT programming and commissioning tool from Johnson controls. The very first page top left has the 'configure' and 'commission' tabs and the top right has the 'select system' and 'define hardware' tabs, for some reason the 'commission' tab is the only one that allows access in the program and commission only. I'm trying to configure a new controller and the 'configure', 'select system' and 'define hardware' tabs don't allow access.
    Anybody have the same problem with this?

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    Commisioning only version usually given to TAB people to do there part of the job.
    UA Local 141

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    Quote Originally Posted by berg2666 View Post
    Ok here is the deal. Who ever wrote the caf file for this job DID blow out all the state tables. All of the logic is connected and should function correctly. People have ther opinions aout the use of the state tables and there advantages and disadvantages. But in this case there is nothing wrong with the logic. And was more then likely wrote by someone very comfortable with custom (away from a standard) work in CCT.

    The other programs you seen like this were probably wrote by the same person(who is your JCI person).......
    We did get an answer to our email, and all of the above is exactly correct. The State table was not used. He used a couple of 'Command Hierarchy's here and there. So, as long as we don't try to view it, or print a report, it does not blow up, and we expect it to work.

    Thanks for the research, and sorry it took me so long to respond - I missed your post somehow.

    Jim A.

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