I have happened upon this website probably a hundred times while googling various refrigeration questions over the last year or so, and tonight I have decided to go ahead a join so that maybe I may not only post a few questions, but maybe even contribute an answer or two.

My background:
I began working in the restaurant repair industry in 2005 through a agent with Hobart. While I enjoyed my job, towards the end of my time with that company, I began to dislike the direction they were going. After much soul searching, I decided to leave that company. At first I simply just got another job in a different industry all together, but I found that I missed working in restaurant kitchens, and since I have always had an entrepreneurial drive since I was a kid, I decided to obtain my contractors license in Virginia in refrigeration, and set out hitting up local restaurants.

My business just turned one year old this month, and since I live in a relatively rural area where the typical county maybe has a total of 10 restaurants, and everyone and his brother seems to be able to turn a wrench for $10 per hour, it has been somewhat of a struggle getting started, which is why I still work part time on the weekends. But I feel the tide is beginning to turn this year. Right before Christmas I landed a decent account including three locations. Bringing me to a good handful of loyal customers. Still I have my slow weeks where I'm cold calling quite a bit. Stopped at a place in a neighboring county today and had a very encouraging talk with the manager their, I'll follow up on that in a few weeks.

Since I went from a company of 20 technicians that I could always call on for a second opinion for something, down to just me, myself and I, I look forward to using this website hopefully for a little tech support from time to time, and maybe, as I said, give a little back once in a while too.

I have been Hobart factory trained on dishwashers, bakery systems, scales, mixer/meat room equipment, and although I never went to the cooking class, I've always had good luck repairing Hobart/Vulcan equipment in the field. I understand that Hobart tech support is almost impossible unless you work for Hobart, so I'm more than happy to offer what ever expertise I can in this department, just let me know.

Yours Truly,