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    FX Jace content filter

    Does anyone know how to go from UI+Runtime to just Runtime in an FX Jace? I went through and selected the option through the commissioning wizard but there was no change in the modules. I followed the steps in the workbench users guide also, but that didnt work either. Are there specific modules that need to be reinstalled? Here is what the workbench users guide says:

    If you restrict the content level (go from ui+runtime to runtime), modules
    already installed are not automatically reinstalled (to reduce storage). You need
    to click Finish, and platform/station operation is otherwise unaffected;
    however, if you later reinstall existing modules, or install new modules, the
    new content filter level is applied, typically with resulting savings in storage
    space. Therefore, if freeing storage space is the goal when restricting module
    content, after changing the content level, you should reinstall existing modules.
    Do this action using the Software Manager.

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    Sounds like you just need to reinstall all of the existing modules for the filter to apply. You can do that from the software manager view. Highlight all of the "Up to Date" modules and click Re-install.

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