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    Can AC Condensers be ruined by lawn sprinklers?

    To my surprise and disgust my neighbor submitted a claim to his homeonwers insurance claiming his 12 year old AC condensers were ruined by dog urine. Along with the claim his wife gave a statement to the insurance company that she had seen my dog urinating on their condensers. The claim about my dog urinating on the condensers never happened and can prove easily. The main thing is they did not bother to check and see the dog only urinates in the grass, never on objects. Plus he is never near the condensers. But not looking to get into that here. They targeted me all along and left out many details. The insurance company shipped the condensers off and agreed the units had been damaged beyond repair which I am not looking to dispute as the condensers have always looked really old with the white residue on the condenser fins. The insurance company paid the claim and then came after me based on the statement given by the wife. Let's just say I am furious but will not get into that part.

    I moved into the home in 2004 and I always recall seeing the white residue on the neighbors condenser fins. I actually have a photo of the condensers taken from my screened porch in 2005. The photo is attached. If you zoom in on the condensers you can see the white residue on the left condenser back in 2005. I also have another photo of the condensers taken in 2010. This photo was taken when I put in a walkway. The photo is attached. You can see a similar amount of damage to the fins in the 2010 photo also. Also, the condenders are on risers in the 2010 photo when they were not on the risers in the 2005 photo. Gotta hate the fact I have photos of the condensers so far back.

    Around 2007 the neighbors discovered their lawn sprinklers had been spraying tap water on them for years. That is when they had someone out to look at the condensers and he put the AC condensers on the risers . This is also when they fixed the sprinklers so they were not spraying water on the condensers. But as the pictures show the units took on quite a bit of damage from the lawn sprinklers and the neighbor knew at that point they had shortened the life of the units.

    Attached is a picture of where one of their sprinkler heads is located that was spraying water on them for years. Never seen a sprinkler head between 2 AC condensers. They have other sprinkler heads that were spraying water on the condensers from other directions. I am also attaching a picture of the risers that were placed under the condensers in 2007. They are now stacked off to the side now that the condensers have been replaced.

    Based on my research it appears that the damage from the lawn sprinklers would have caused the damage that was submitted in the insurance claim. As I told them this has all been a fabrication.

    So just wanted some professional input on this situation to complete my investigation.

    Thanks in advance.
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