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    residential shell and tube chiller: replacing a 1959 Kritzer Chill-a-Tron

    Hi all-
    we must replace our ancient chiller and need help finding another compatible system but we're running into roadblocks. First, we live in Chicago, where the only (rare) chillers are in condos and businesses, nobody knows where to find small systems, and second, they are suggesting glycol sytems and plate chillers.

    We'd like to replace the 4-barrel shell and tube chiller we had with another water-only system (our system is closed, not dumped, not water-tower) and we know we'll need to upgrade condensers (to replace the trane XE1000) outside.

    We're hoping hvac experts from other parts of the country know of more products - and, of course, we want pros to do the installation. Any education you can offer on this will be greatly appreciated!

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    there aren't many residential sized chillers on the market, but there are some. (most are offshoots of geothermal lines). Waterfurnace, multiaqua, unico systems, are a few that come to mind.

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    So what you really nee now is just the shell and tube. What size is yours. Post the full model number of your condenser. You can still use your current condense with a new barrel. may want to contact a commercial company.
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