Got a control cabinet with an AFD TR-200 in it, just installed and Trane can't figure out why they keep getting a "Phase Loss" alarm from it. CT's and PT's have all been checked for Polarity (unsure about phasing, which could be the problem), all wires are landed correctly. They have disabled "Momentary Phase Loss" and "Phase Reversal" still with no luck. Unsure if they have adjusted the metering of the CT's as it is factory set for the application. Also, unsure if they have checked for proper rotation of the compressor, as it is a new install. I would not think you would get a "Phase Loss" if the motor rotation was incorrect, but I am unsure of that. The starter module in the cabinet is receiving a constant 24V. Maybe they need to slightly decrease ramp up time for this phase loss to go away without harming the SCR's?

I do not know if 2T17 (PT) has to corrolate with 2T1 (CT) on the same phase as it is shown on the diagram, and 2T18 (PT) with 2T2, and 2T19 (PT) with 2T3?

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated