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    JCI Vendor Device TEC-1100 and S4 Integration

    I have a site where we are using the S4 integration device to bring a JCI N2 network into Alerton BACtalk. I'm a BACnet guy and know next to nothing about the TEC-1100. I am looking for some adive on how the TEC-1100 really works. I am attaching a quick screen print of 4 units and I canont for the life of me figure out why 3 of them are running and in heat mode. I would appreciate any help that can be given!
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    For the top two if you room temp is less than your setpoint what would you expect to happen?

    For #3 IDK. Try Search TEC-1100. The stat is setup from its own display and buttons. Yes you can do some of it from the interface, but get the instructions and stand in front of the stat you should be able to get it to do what you want.


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    All the units are unoccupied, so they are presumably using the heating setback rather than the heating setpoint. All four rooms are around 65F. The first two rooms have heating setback setpoints of 80 and 75, so they have heat enabled. The last two rooms heating setback SP is 59 and 60, so heat is not enabled. Why the fan is running on the third unit is not clear, perhaps it is set for continuous fan?

    The actual setpoints don't make a lot of sense, but the response of the system appears pretty straightforward.

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    For the top two, the units will follow the setback setpoints when unoccupied.

    I'm guessing for #3 that the fan button has been pushed for the fan to run continuously.

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