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Didn’t you say he was a psychotic nut as a Police Officer? If so, where is the evidence?

You were forced to go to skid row and witness those people, which you hated. Then you became sympathetic toward them. To compare that to Dorner’s experience is to be forced to go down there and witness a physical mistreatment of them and remain quite about it. And when you try to stop it you get fired…assuming Dorner’s accusations are true.

As for my comparison to Rodney King, those cops did write a false police report. Mr. Holliday didn’t reveal the famous video until later, after the falsified report was written. So why didn’t the LAPD fire them on the spot for that, or at least get the process started? But no, they vehemently defended them instead. I see merit and comparison.
Sigh....no I did not say he was a psychotic nut as a police officer, nor did I say I hated people on Skid Row. As long as you want to use this sort of tactic I see no point continuing the conversation. Have fun.