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Have you ever witnessed a policeman lie under oath?

Have you ever witnessed a man be falsely accused and prosecuted other than on TV crime shows?

If so, please give a clip of your experience.
No and no. What difference does that make? If you are just pointing out that Dorner's firing was outside the rules, I am probably just going to agree with you. I would trust the idiots at LAPD for no ethical standard at all, afteralll they did go shoot up innocent people in TWO separate incidents. Honestly, that was just as nutty as what Dorner did. Officers involved should never work in law enforcement again, end of career.

I actually would not be surprised if lying or perjury was used to can Dorner. I am not supporting the LAPD. But firing Dorner by any means was a good move apparently, as he turned out to be a murdering nutcase.

Most of us have been fired before, I certainly have, we do not go around killing people. Whether he was fired unfairly is moot. Murder-spree prone nutcases should not be on the police force. Dorner needed canned very badly, firing him was perhaps the one thing the LAPD did correctly. And the LAPD also needs to can those other idiots involved in the shooting incidents of innocents.

I think the whole LAPD needs to undergo some sort of state level or federal investigation. I had no idea such boobery could exist in a city police department of that size.