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    Yes I did bump the airflow up to 550 CFM per ton. It helped a little, but the first stage really dries the house out, I'm not complaining. I don't mind having to add a little humidity to the air in the summer, as long as I have control over it.

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    Other sizing method (balancing act is an art) with WP, Sky, BL, and 54 have it as I have tested over several hundred, hands on GT.

    just easier in my experience using dual compressor (since then in duals: 1996) Hydro-Temp of AR for 3 HTG and CLG so very close to their 1/13 rated 30.8 EER 2nd to WF 31 EER high speed , the 3 staging andprogrammable cfm/ton separately in 1st of a 3-staging design in for cooling can be programmed never in N climates to be so dry. (other issues? I ask)
    Also from bonnet FIXED SET temp (ie. 96*) heating , the SIZING can be a wider margin of "right" and "LEFT" ways that are still great.

    Old leaky farmhouses to barns and warehouses WITHOUT RADIANT, are "LOADS"- and over 1400 bucks for oil , propane or electric- appears ONLY a hi eff heat pump add-on or GT 2 or 3-Staging has even some lowest first cost (w/approved credits) instant ROI to under 5 year ROI ( a little longer with a closed loop).

    Tha was a great remark about 70% to 80% lower staging operation. It is how that WF 41 and Hydro-Temp of AR EER 42, came to the raw data ratings of the AHRI in blended operation annual considerations, which also showed les costly annually than those higher listed COP's of 2-Stagers.

    Those ratings did not include simultaneous HW heating with in cooling and heating and On-Demand HW by temperature programming which stuffs EER's averaging over a blended utilization of 50+, easily.

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