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    Giving up stem thermometers forever to check temp rise and drop.... I have been researching and found a Fluke dual port differential reading thermometer for over four hundred dollars...but made in China.
    That was the deal breaker.

    I want a good thermometer that does not need to be calibrated every time I use it.

    Curious as to what other techs are buying?

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    Use the fieldpiece dual temp. Never failed me and can field calibrate. Had for over a year now i guess and use almost daily

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    i use the field piece daily , invaluable for my service work , can be heavy on batteries as it is easily switched on in error . st4 i think

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    i use the FP.....but with any K-type, you gotta calibrate every few months or so.

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    For less than $50, you can get two FP folding probe thermometers. For delta Ts, it only matters if they are calibrated to each other. Been carrying two around in my bag for years. I have more expensive meters for actual temperatures. When I enter the home I lay both probes across the thermostat while talking with customer. I have the checked their thermostat and my thermometers.

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