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    water required to make ice.......who would have thought that?

    So yesterday i took the opportunity to make some repairs at home, on my "to-do" list was to repair the leaking water line to the fride/icemaker, while behind the fridge, i notice a label and it said "ATTENTION some models equiped with ice makers require a water supply be connected in order for proper ice production".

    So thats why it quit making ice, i turned the water off when i discovered it leaking. I should have been listening to the salesman when he was talking, he was probably describing the model that didnt require water to make ice, and i missed out on it.
    Lowering head in shame

    i really wonder how many service calls were generated because people didnt have water hooked up to the fridge and called for service when it didnt make ice, had to be quite few for them to put a label on the back of it!!!
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    It was probably a "frost free" unit too!!

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